A Blender Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to make the stereoscopic 3D images in blender!


1. Open Blender

 open blender

2. Leave the default scene (this applies to any objects, but I’ll just keep it simple)

default scene

3. Render the Image. Press F12 to render.


4. Go to the compositing data. Press ctrl+left key


4. Enable “Use Nodes” and “Backdrop”. Check the buttons.


5. Add Lens Distortion Node. Press Shift+A>Distort>Lens Distortion

add node1

6. Add Viewer Node. Press Shift+A>Output>Viewer

add node2

7. Check the Projector Checkbox in the Lens Distortion Node, and change the Distort and Dispersion values to… say… .5 for now. (You can change them if you need to)

change node

8. Now plug the Lens Distortion Node into the Composite Node, and you’re done! Press Ctrl+Right Key to view the 3D image!

plug nodes



Some Fluid in the Blender Fluid Simulator

Based off of www.blenderguru.com ‘s tutorial on fluid. I don’t like to download starter files, so I made my own to look similar to his. But luxrender wasn’t working for me for some reason, so I rendered in the internal blender renderer.


simulated liquid

Gimp and Blender

I made a Joseph Addai poster and a Peyton Manning Wallpaper using Gimp. And a smoke simulation using Blender (title and splotches with Gimp). Just a small gallery…


Two pictures I made with blender and rendered in luxrender. The USB was based off of a Maya Tutorial I found online. The HDTV was just a quick architectural render I made.

Some New Things

Blender finally released 2.55 which can use Luxrender as an add-on! Open-mouthed smile If you want a tutorial just go to blendercookie.com for a useful way to install luxrender into blender by Jonathan Williamson. Here’s some things I’ve been making so far… I’ve obviously been on blendercookie.com and blenderguru.com a lot! More Luxrender* images next time I post!

*The Monkeys were rendered in Luxrender.


A Superhero Drawing

A quick sketch/color of a superhero.


The next time I post will be a gallery.